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Foresight report: Land Use Futures

Land Use Futures image

Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones was one of the lead experts and co-authors on a major report published by the Government Office for Science in 2010 looking at how landscapes and land use could change over the next 50 years. It concluded that the present system of managing land use is in dire need of revision as pressures on land intensify in parts of the country, such as the SE of England.

Since the report’s launch, Mark has been actively engaged in disseminating the contents of the report to academics internationally and to the policy and practice communities, including advising Government departments on the formulation of new policies in the context of the Government’s localism agenda.

Land Use Futures: Front cover

The report engages experts across the sciences and social sciences and discussion on scenario planning and future policy development have occurred with planners, geographers, environmental scientists, engineers, lawyers, energy specialists, and economic development experts.

In all, Mark has given 29 keynote speeches have been given since September 2009 to the policy makes and experts in the CLG, DEFRA, Wales Biodiversity Partnership, the Northern Way, the House of Lords Parliamentary Science Group, the Bow Group, Royal Society, the EPSRC, Rural Economy and Land Use Research Councils’ Programme, Natural Capital Initiative, the Cheltenham Science Festival, the RSPB, the RTPI, the National Planning Forum, as well as plenary papers at academic conferences in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and China, and research seminar presentations at 18 universities worldwide.

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