Our public policy strategy is being taken forward by the Office of the UCL Vice-Provost (Research).

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UCL Public Policy

UCL is proud of our research excellence, which both generates applicable knowledge and expands the potential of human thought and action. In addition, we want to ensure that this excellence benefits society. 

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Academic research and expertise can play a vital role in informing public policy, to ensure that policy is robust, thoroughly considered, and has the greatest chance of success. UCL believes that as a leading university, we have an obligation to ensure that public policy takes account of the latest knowledge and evidence. 

UCL Public Policy is an initiative of the UCL Vice-Provost (Research) which seeks to bring UCL’s academic expertise to bear on pressing public policy challenges by integrating knowledge and evidence from across disciplines to inform policy. It provides an interface for researchers and policymakers, facilitates routes for engagement between research and public policy, supports the translation of research into policy-focused outputs, and promotes dialogue and debate on key public policy questions. 

UCL Public Policy aims to strengthen links between UCL researchers and policymakers and to provide specific opportunities for engagement, including through a policy secondment scheme.

UCL Public Policy also holds public events and roundtable discussions on policy issues, manages a policy placement scheme, and supports specific policy-oriented research activity and policy briefings.

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