The European Health Research Market

Health research - health systems research - public health research - is      research for health at population and organisational level.

In Europe, it is supported by national governments and the European Commission. This page describes aspects of policies, structures and performance within the research market.

Reports from the most recent collaborative study PHIRE (Public Health Innovation and Research in Europe):

Report: Public Health Innovation and Research in Europe (April 2013)


Supplement to the European Journal of Public Health (November 2013)

Nine academic papers on PHIRE

PHIRE papers

Knowledge Transfer in Public Health: Report of European Commission Workshop (November 2013)


Health Research in Europe

European health research is organised at national and European levels. Our work has identified strategies, structures, programmes, practice and impacts:


Biomedical research is focused towards the laboratory and clinical care 'at the bedside', while public health research is concerned with population and organisational levels:

Research levels

Our work is built on five projects funded by European Commission:

  • PHIRE (Public Heath Innovation and Research in Europe) 2010 - 2013,  is holding workshops in EU member states on public health performance, and assessing national uptake of projects from the European Commission's public health programme.  It is funded by the European Commission's Directorate General for Health and Consumers Health Programme.
  • STEPS (Strengthening Engagement in Public Health) 2009 - 2011, developed links between civil society organisations and public health research in the 12 EU new member states, and mapped the structures for public health research in EU countries.  It was funded by the European Commission's Directorate General for Research Cooperation / Science in Society programme (FP7)
  • FAHRE (Food and Health in Europe) 2010 - 2011, mapped structures and needs for food and health research across European countries. It was funded by the European Commission's Directorate General for Research Cooperation / Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy programme (FP7).
  • SPHERE (Strengthening Public Health Research in Europe) 2005-2007, mapped health research perspectives at European and national levels including bibliometric analysis of six sub-areas of research - health promotion, health services, environmental health, public health genetics, infectious disease control, health management.  It was funded by the European Commission's Sixth Directorate for Research Programme Policy programme (FP6)
  • Patient Safety Research conference was organised in Porto, Portugal with WHO and the UK Faculty of Public Health, under the Portuguese Presidency, in September 2007. It was funded by the European Commission's Directorate for Research Cooperation / Health programme

Mark McCarthy - Activities for European health research


I have represented EUPHA at the EU Health Policy Forum (advice to European Commission's Directorate for Health and Consumers) and have led EUPHA's position on European health research policy.

  • Participant at the European Commission Directorate for Research reviews on public health research for Horizon 2020, Brussels, January and June 2013.
  • Participant at the Directorate for Research's review of the FP7 Health programme, Brussels July 2011
  • Speaker at the Directorate for Health's Strategic Review of the Public Health Programme, Menorca, September 2010.
  • Evaluator for the European Commission' Directorate for Research Seventh, Sixth and Fifth Framework Research Programmes for calls including Public Health, International Health, Environment and Health, and Regional Policy (2004-2013).
  • Evaluator for the Directorate for Health and Consumers for the Public Health Programme (open calls and tenders) (2003- 2013)
  • Referee for research proposals for National Research Councils of Belgium, Italy, Poland, Slovakia.


Presentations and Workshops at the European Public Health Association annual meetings.

Guest lectures in Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy and Slovakia.


I developed research in public health across fields including cancer services, palliative care, transport and health, and health impact assessment.

Urban health determinants (particularly transport and health), including UK Department of Health research grant to investigate statistical modelling in health impact assessment, and work for both the public sector (eg assessment of the London Olympics transport plan) and private sector (eg assessments of oil developments in Russia and middle Geast).
Health services research, particularly cancer services, including a UK National Institute for Health Research (SDO programme) research grant to evaluate information systems for regional cancer networks and earlier long-term programme of studies on the evaluation of palliative care in the UK.


As District Community Physician in North Hammersmith, and then Director of Public Health in Camden and Islington, London (1991-1997), I was responsible for policies and practice in public health for the local population.

My book Epidemiology and Policies for Health Planning (London: Kings Fund, 1983) described the then literature evidence for public health policies and practice.


BA, MA (Natural Sciences, Economics) University of Cambridge

MB BChir University of Cambridge / University College Hospital Medical School

MSc (Social Medicine) London School of Hygiene (Gold Medal)

PhD London School of Economics

Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (England) and UK Faculty of Public Health

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