Communication and Culture Awards

The UCL Communication and Culture Awards recognise the hard work that people at UCL put in to sharing their research, teaching, and learning through media and cultural partnerships.

These awards include activities such as television, radio, blogging, festivals, public events, arts projects and exhibitions.

Winners receive a £1,000 prize.

There are 6 categories:

Individual awards:

  • Media communicator of the year (online)

  • Media communicator of the year (broadcast or documentary)

  • Media communicator of the year (news story)

  • Communicator of the year (events/festivals)

Awards for individuals or teams:

  • Cultural project of the year

  • Public event of the year

Who, and what kind of work, is eligible?

In order to be eligible for these awards, you need to be a member of staff, currently employed by UCL. Postgraduate research students at UCL may also be nominated.

Honorary, emeritus, visiting staff, and individuals not currently working for UCL (including contractors) are not eligible. If you are uncertain of the eligibility of an individual, or into which prize category they should be entered, please contact

If you are a member of staff, or a student at UCL, you can submit a nomination. You are strongly recommended to read the guidance, and are welcome to contact the Public Engagement Unit with any questions. Nominations are not currently being accepted.

The UCL Communication and Culture Awards are organized by UCL Museums and Public Engagement, UCL Communications and Marketing, and the UCL Development and Alumni Relations Office.

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