Professional services staff engager of the year

Manjula Patrick, UCL Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre

Manjula Patrick, winner of the 2014 prize for public engager of the year (professional services staff)

This prize rewards Manjula for the work that she has done to encourage colleagues in public engagement and the leading role she has taken in her department.

Manjula conceived and organised ‘The History of British Sign Language (BSL) exhibition’ which took place in July last year and ran for a month. Over a thousand people visited the exhibition, from all over the world.

The exhibition was based on research undertaken by DCAL in the past 8 years and brought together documents and artefacts from several hundred years of BSL’s history. Details of the exhibition can also be found online.

The exhibition raised awareness of BSL's history within our local community, UCL's wider academic community and an international audience. The exhibition was also visited by parents of deaf children, professionals providing services to deaf people (such as teachers, speech and language therapists and interpreters), deaf arts groups, trade union groups and workers in the public sector and charitable organisations.

Manjula’s prize rewards her remarkable commitment to public engagement as part of a remarkable department.

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