Career achievement award

Michael Edwards, Bartlett School of Planning

Michael Edwards, Career Achievement Award winner (photo: Nichola Smalley)

In addition to the regular prizes, this year the panel decided to award a special prize to reflect the outstanding contribution that Michael Edwards has made to public engagement as a lecturer in the Bartlett School of Planning.

Michael’s work bringing planning students together with London citizens and groups has made exceptional changes both at UCL and to the lives of the people he works with in London.

Among other activities, Michael has been a vociferous proponent of community interests in the King's Cross regeneration scheme. He has developed strong networks and is keenly involved in supporting community interests both in and beyond his UCL teaching and research.

Through his work, Michael has begun to embed public engagement in the practice of many of his colleagues and students. His work has also enabled communities to take action in ways that would not have been possible otherwise and draw effectively on the resources which the university can offer.

This exceptional award is being made to an exceptional person, and the panel was pleased to be able to reward his remarkable contribution.

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