Research/academic (grade 8 or above) engager of the year

Jayne Kavanagh, Academic Centre of Medical Education, UCL Medical School

Jayne Kavanagh, winner of the 2014 prize for public engager of the year (research/academic staff grade 8+)

Jayne is completely committed to involving members of the public in her work in exciting and innovative ways. She does this not just to enhance learning for the 1,700 medical students she is responsible for teaching ethics and law to, but also because of a deep-seated desire to improve the lives of people, particularly women, experiencing various difficulties.

Jayne was nominated for this award for her leading role in creating and running the project “Stories from the soul: doctors’ choices, women’s lives”, although she also involves the public in her work in many other ways. The project involves three evenings of storytelling, music, and discussion that bring together healthcare providers with members of the public to explore how doctors’ decisions affect women’s lives.

Public engagement is fundamental to how Jayne approaches her role at UCL. Even before “public engagement” became something that universities prioritised, involving non-academics in improving the quality of her teaching has always been key to her approach.

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