What will Fellows do?

Starting during the academic year 2013-2014, these part-time fellowships are part of UCL's EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account. The aims of these fellowships are to:

  • increase the impact through public engagement of UCL research in engineering, mathematical and physical science areas
  • change culture with respect to public engagement in UCL faculties, departments and institutes that carry out research in engineering, mathematical and physical sciences.

We will expect Fellows to:

  • promote the value of public engagement as part of the strategic role of UCL
  • champion public engagement as a pathway to increase the impact of research
  • be part of a network of Fellows, sharing public engagement ideas, experiences and learning.

What exactly Fellows will do will depend on the department, institute or centre that each Fellow is working in. We expect the fellowships to:

  • generate case studies of good practice in public engagement
  • be based on plans that include clear, practical aims and objectives
  • be based on plans that include and affect more than just one person in an institute, department or centre
  • generate actions rather than rhetoric
  • be models of change that can be copied by others at UCL
  • consist of innovative, creative approaches to public engagement
  • involve activities that are good value for money.

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