Sarah Bell

UCL Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Dr Sarah Bell will use her fellowship to develop the UCL Engineering Exchange (UCLEngEx). UCLEngEx will provide a shop front for London community based organisations to access technical expertise, and for UCL Engineering researchers to develop research projects in collaboration with community groups.

The primary goals of the Engineering Exchange are:

1) to better inform public debate about urban development and regeneration in London by providing wider access to rigorous technical knowledge, and

2) to align engineering research with local community needs.

The Fellowship will provide the foundations for UCLEngEx, including the following activities:

  • evaluate demand from communities and researchers
  • review best practice for community based engineering research at UCL and internationally
  • establish protocols for community based engineering research and outreach¬†¬†
  • develop database of research expertise and skills, and community needs
  • pilot projects based on relationships brokered through the UCLEngEx
  • identify sources of funding for the on-going operation of UCLEngEx and for specific projects
  • develop and deliver training for UCL researchers on the ethics and practice of community based research

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