Beacon Bursaries

Do you have an idea for a project or activity, or a need for materials or resources, that will help you to connect your research or teaching with people outside UCL? Do you need funding to improve your skills, share public engagement ideas or arrange meetings and dialogue events?

Beacon Bursaries of up to £2000 are available three times a year. The March deadline has now passed. The next deadline is likely to be in July 2014.

These bursaries have been designed to support staff and postgraduate research students at UCL to do public engagement. This scheme funds public engagement activities that increase staff and postgraduate research students’ activity, skills, and understanding of public engagement. Find out more about projects funded in the past.

Please note that this is the last time that this scheme will be open to postgraduate research students. In the future, they will be required to apply for Train and Engage funding.

Bursaries are part of a strategic programme of activities that aim to embed public engagement as a normal, valued activity for UCL staff and postgraduate research students. Applications are made using a short form, the latest versions of which can be found here:

These forms will be updated before the next deadline.

We strongly advise you to read the application guidance document to improve your chances of making a successful application. Applications will be judged by a panel of four UCL staff with extensive public engagement experience. These staff are not members of the UCL Public Engagement Unit.

Applications will be acknowledged on receipt and applicants will be informed of the panel's decision by 2 May 2014.

If your application is funded, we’ll send you a short learning and evaluation form to fill in at the end of the project. Completing this form is a requirement of accepting the bursary funding.

For any help or questions about applying for Beacon Bursary funding, please email us at The staff of the UCL Public Engagement Unit are not members of the selection panel and can provide advice and feedback on draft applications in advance of the deadline.

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