Let's Invite a Scientist and Artist Home!

Léa Guzzo, Department of Media & Cultural Studies, Birkbeck

This project aims to bring a disused community space back into use through a site-based artist and scientist collaboration. This project will be part of a wider cultural programme of activities to re-engage residents into the space.

The artist/scientist collaboration would take place as a week-end residence in a community flat located in Portsmouth (Portsea). Based in a council estate block, this flat, which was once a vibrant and well-used space, is currently under-used by local residents and therefore is under-consideration to be sold-off by the council.

The artist and the scientist will be recruited two months before the residency in order for them to meet and engage local residents in this project before the residency. It will also be an opportunity for them to choose the topic, which they would like to explore together through their residency. The topic will be relevant to the site of their residency and should encourage residents to think about space and their community flat.

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