On the Move

Professor Nicola Miller, Department of History

On the Move is run jointly by UCL History Department and the Raphael Samuel History Centre. The project brings together young people, academic historians and people from the heritage sector – museums, libraries and archives. It bridges the gap between curriculum-focussed history, academic history and popular, heritage-based history.

Focussing on questions of youth and migration, On the Move will engage young people in a diverse array of creative performances and discussion on the theme of migration and movement. Participants will be linked with academic and heritage-sector ‘mentors’ who will help them to pursue and research their own projects. These projects will be show-cased in the second event, when it will be the turn of young people to perform and display the results of their findings and discussions. 

The project will encourage young people to question and discuss issues raised by movement and migration relevant to their own lives. Through links with historians, archivists and curators and by gaining access to museum and archival resources, these questions will be explored historically, allowing for different and exciting perspectives on contemporary issues.

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