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Information about the Doctorate in Educational Psychology

The Doctorate in Educational Psychology is an intensive part-time, 4 year, continuing professional development course for practising Educational Psychologists. The CPD Doctorate combines a practical/applied focus with academic and research excellence, providing opportunities for Educational Psychologists to carry out high-quality applied research into important and complex issues in their employing services and to develop evidence-based practice. This is a demanding course but extremely high quality of tutor support, expertise and feedback is cited by alumni as a particular strength, together with the flexibility and diversity of the programme and its professional relevance.

UCL has a long standing reputation for innovation and quality in professional training in Educational Psychology. Excellent facilities and resources, including a specialist collection of assessment and intervention tools, first rate elearning and IT support, and access to a wide range of libraries and electronic resource collections within UCL and other colleges of the University of London, are also available.


Structure of the Doctorate Programme

Course members attend UCL for the taught elements of the programme for 16 days (5-6 per term) for the first year of the course and 9 days (3 per term) in each of the subsequent three years. One of the timetabled days each term is earmarked for personal study which may not involve a trip to UCL.

Additionally, participants will need to commit up to 5 hours each week of term time to work on their doctorate studies. Further time will need to be allocated, in negotiation with Educational Psychology Service Managers, for data collection and other work-place based research activities.


Students must submit:

  • four professional assignments of 7,000 words each (one per year) 3 of which must relate to core topics in applied psychology listed on our course website:
  • An applied research project of 30-40,000 words, which must focus on current and complex issues and problems in Educational Psychology and offer evidence of originality shown by the discovery of new facts and the exercise of independent critical power.


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Applying for the Doctorate in Educational Psychology

Our entry requirements and application process are very specific – please visit our application page and read this thoroughly:

Note that applications must be made directly to the Educational Psychology Group and not through the UCL Admissions Office.


What do people do with a Doctorate in Educational Psychology?

The overall aim of our programme is to enable trainee educational psychologists to effectively integrate theory and practice and become skilled and accountable professional practitioners, eligible for Chartered status with the British Psychological Society upon graduation. Educational Psychologists work in the field of education with children and young people who have a range of educational and psychological needs.

For more information about the profession and about Graduate Basis for Registration visit the British Psychological Society website:

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