Graduate Studies

Graduate Teaching:We are recruiting now for these programmes:

MRes Speech, Langugage & Cognition

The MRes in Speech, Language & cognition is a one-year graduate-level taught programme that provides tailored training for students with a first degree in linguistics, speech science, psychology or related disciplines wishing to undertake future PhD research. More details>>

Research Projects

UCL Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences is internationally recognised for its excellent research into the perception and production of speech. For more details about our latest research see our webpages More>>

Speech Science Forum Talks

The Research Department of Speech, Hearning and Phonetic Sciences host Speech Science Forums in Chandler House More>>

News and Events

For all the latest news and event details within the Faculty of Psychology and Language Sciences follow this link. More>>

Summer Course in English Phonetics

SCEP Lectures

The lectures will be shared by both strands and will cover the following topics:

The sounds of English
  • Transcription; the vowels and consonants of English
  • L1 interference and negative transfer
  • How can learners improve their English speech?
Vowels and consonants
  • Long and short vowels; diphthongs
  • Vowel duration: clipping
  • Voicing and aspiration: timing and the vocal folds
  • Consonants, contrasts, clusters: problems with consonants and syllable structure
  • Processes of assimilation, coalescence, and elision
  • Weakening: weak forms and other reductions
  • Syllabic consonants, compression, varisyllabicity
  • Is English stress isochronous?
  • Word stress and suffixes: stress effects of word endings
  • Stress shift, compounds, phrases; double-stressed words, early stress, late stress
  • The framework for intonation
  • Placing the nucleus (tonic); de-accenting
  • Tones and tails: rises and falls on and after the nucleus
  • Prenuclear patterns: rises and falls before the nucleus
  • Intonation and social interaction
  • Questions and answers: using intonation to structure a conversation
Contrastive phonetics
  • Phonetic differences between Spanish and English
  • Phonetic differences between Japanese and English
Special topics
  • Cockney and Estuary English: the regional accent of London and the southeast
  • New ideas in phonology: rethinking some traditional ideas on syllable structure
  • Viewing and measuring speech: spectrograms, fundamental frequency, formants
  • Exotic sounds: including pharyngeals, flaps, ejectives, clicks and many more

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