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Graduate Teaching:We are recruiting now for these programmes:

MRes Speech, Langugage & Cognition

The MRes in Speech, Language & cognition is a one-year graduate-level taught programme that provides tailored training for students with a first degree in linguistics, speech science, psychology or related disciplines wishing to undertake future PhD research. More details>>

Research Projects

UCL Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences is internationally recognised for its excellent research into the perception and production of speech. For more details about our latest research see our webpages More>>

Speech Science Forum Talks

The Research Department of Speech, Hearning and Phonetic Sciences host Speech Science Forums in Chandler House More>>

News and Events

For all the latest news and event details within the Faculty of Psychology and Language Sciences follow this link. More>>


IPA Examination Strand

will not run in August 2014 as the number of successful applicants was too small

In the IPA strand of the course, we prepare participants for the International Phonetic Association’s Certificate Examination in English Phonetics. Students follow the same lecture programme as the rest of the course, but have specialized practical groups and ear-training, and remain on campus for a further weekend, taking the examination in the following week.

The examination itself is separately organised, by the IPA, and is open to all entrants. Although the IPA teaching strand is cancelled for 2014, an examination MAY be held on Tuesday 26 August, if a sufficient number of entries has been received one month before that date.

For details of the content of the examination, and for sample questions and answers, click here.

It is important to understand that experience as a teacher of English, and familiarity with the (relatively few) IPA symbols commonly used to represent English sounds will NOT equip you to take this examination successfully. Understanding is also required of general phonetic theory, and you will normally need to have followed one or more courses on phonetics at an advanced level, or to have undertaken a serious programme of independent study.

To be admitted to this strand you must already have a good knowledge of the subject, so that you have a reasonable expectation of succeeding in the examination after two weeks’ dedicated study. We ask you to demonstrate this by taking a test, at home, in your own time. To request a copy of the test materials contact us

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