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Funding and Scholarship Opportunities

To be admitted as a research student, applicants usually obtain a source of funding from a recognised funding body. Self-funded students will only be admitted on a full-time basis if they can provide evidence that they will have sufficient funds to support themselves for a minimum of three years.


UCL has been selected as a Doctoral Training Centre by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Division can offer a small number of ESRC funded PhD Studentships. These are available to UK/EU students only.

The Division also awards a number of Demonstratorships/Teaching Assistantships. These involve a set number of hours teaching but also allow time for MPhil/PhD study. These awards include a stipend and tuition fees for MPhil/PhD. They are open to UK/EU and International Students.

UCL also awards a small number of Graduate School Research Scholarships on a competitive basis. Students must be first nominated by the Research Department in order to apply. These Scholarships are open to UK/EU or Oversees students (full stipend, or fees only).

Other sources of funding include the UCL Grand Challenges studentship programme, The Crucible Scholarship, The Stiftung Foundation, the 4 year Welcome Scholarship. Prospective supervisors may also be able to suggests sources of funding related to their specific topic of interest.

Individual members of staff may sometimes be able to support students with the help of research funds that they have obtained from the Research Councils or from various charities or other funding bodies. In this latter case, students usually enrol on a part-time basis.

If you intend to apply for the UCL Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS) or the Graduate Research Scholarship (GRS), the deadline for students to submit applications to the departmental office is Friday 17th January 2014.

The application should be submitted to the Departmental Administrator for the course you are applying for. For application form, please see:

Overseas Students

There are several sources of funding available specifically for overseas students to undertake graduate training in the UK. Some funding is awarded on a competitive basis by UCL to students nominated by their Departments (e.g. UCL Graduate School Scholarships). Other sources of funding require students to apply independently, (e.g. British Council, Commonwealth, Chevening, WHO and NATO Scholarships, Government or Employers' Schemes). It is important to make early enquiries about these independent schemes (up to a year in advance).

Scholarship Opportunities

The following Research Councils have in the past funded research students in Developmental Science: ESRC, MRC. For these and other scholarship opportunities for UCL research degree programmes, please select the link below:

Departmental Scholarships

Each research department within the Division, have a range of further scholarship opportunities.