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MPhil/PhD in Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology

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Information about Research in Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology Department:

The Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology is able to offer MPhil/PhD opportunities in the following broad areas:

  • Clinical Psychology:child development and developmental problems; adolescent psychopharmacology; substance use and addiction; post-traumatic stress disorder; mood disorders; eating disorders; psychosis and models of psychosis; borderline personality disorder; dementia; pain; psychotherapies; psychotherapy outcome.
  • Educational Psychology: longitudinal studies investigating the benefits of strategic learning in medical education; investigations of individual and contextual influences on the social inclusion in mainstream schools of children who have special educational needs, studies of emotional intelligence in children, assessment of cognitive processing difficulties experienced by children who have dyslexia, and evaluation of web-supported and other innovative teaching approaches in professional education.
  • Health Psychology: Pain rehabilitation; Risk and social representations in relation to health, illness, earthquakes and climate change; applying psychological theory to designing and evaluating behaviour change interventions; the processes of implementing evidence based practice (e.g. clinical guidelines, behavioural support for smoking cessation); digital behaviour change interventions.

For more information about the research groups in this department, please select the following link:


General Information about Studying for an MPhil/PhD in our Division:

Full-time: 3 years, including the time registered as an MPhil student. If the thesis is not submitted within this time, students may register as Completing Research Students for 1 additional year.

Part time: 5 years, including the time registered as an MPhil student. If the thesis is not submitted within this time, students may register as Completing Research Students for 2 additional years.


A full list of staff (and their research interests) can be found online at:

Research Topics

Research Topics within the Department of Clinical, Education and Health Psychology
Business Psychology

Prof. Tomas Chamarro-Premuzic
Prof. Adrian Furnham
Clinical Psychopharmacology

Prof. Val Curran
Dr Sunjeev Kamboj
Developmental Psychopathology

Dr Stephen Butler
Prof. Pasco Fearon
Prof Peter Fonagy
Prof. Mary Target
Developmental Risk and Resilience

Prof. Essi Viding
Dr Eamon McCrory
Eating Disorders

Dr Lucy Serpell
Educational Psychology

Prof. Norah Frederickson
Emotions and Development

Dr Frances Rice
Emotional Intelligence

Dr K.V. Petrides
Health Psychology Research

Prof. Susan Michie
Personality Disorder

Dr Janet Feigenbaum

Dr Oliver Mason
PTSD and Depression

Prof. Chris Brewin
Psychology of Risk

Dr Helene Joffe
Psychological Treatments

Prof. Stephen Pilling
Prof Tony Roth

The Psychoanalysis Unit has an MPhil/PhD in Psychoanalytic Studies. Further details can be found on the following web page:


Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology Careers

A majority of PhD students go on to postdoctoral positions and academic careers at institutions including UCL, Oxford University, Macquarie University, Yuan Ze University, Harvard University, Exeter University and the Eugenio Medea Institute. Many graduates of our specialist doctorates go on to become professional practitioners either in the NHS, local councils, charities, in private practice or other settings.


Scholarship Opportunities

To be admitted as a research student, applicants usually obtain a source of funding from a recognised funding body. Self-funded students will only be admitted on a full-time basis if they can provide evidence that they will have sufficient funds to support themselves for a minimum of three years.


UCL has been selected as a Doctoral Training Centre by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Division can offer a small number of ESRC funded PhD Studentships. These are available to UK/EU students only.

The Division also awards a number of Demonstratorships. These involve a set number of hours teaching but also allow time for MPhil/PhD study. These awards include a stipend and tuition fees for MPhil/PhD. They are open to UK/EU students.

There are also a small number of UCL Graduate School Research Scholarships. Students must be first nominated by the Research Department in order to apply. These Scholarships are open to UK/EU or Oversees students. Further details can be found on the UCL Graduate School webpages.

Admin contacts

PhD Administrator: Sharinjeet Dhiman