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Date and room Name Title Abstract
Spring term
Wednesday 26 Feb 4pm G10
Jenni Rodd (CPB, UCL)

The role of learning mechanisms in understanding semantically ambiguous words

Wednesday 5 March 4pm G10 Mark Huckvale and Geoffrey Williams (SHAPS) Avatar Therapy - Progress and Plans
Friday 7 March 1pm G10
Sara Rodríguez-Cuadrado (Hospital Sant Joan de Déu & Universitat Pompeu Fabra; Barcelona)
Word reduction during native/non-native interactions abstract
Wednesday 12 March 4pm B07
Sabine Joseph (ICN, UCL) The nature of representations in auditory working memory abstract
Wednesday 2 April 4pm G10
Debi Vickers (Ear Institute)

The changes in speech perception over a school year for reception and year 1 aged children
Tuesday 8 April 4pm G10
Martijn Wieling (University of Groningen and Univesity of Tübingen)

Comparing pronunciations on the basis of transcriptions and articulography abstract
Monday 14 April 1pm G10
Rachel Smith (Glasgow University)
Fine phonetic aspects of cross-dialect speech perception abstract
Wednesday 30 April 4pm G10
Helen Nuttall (IHR, MRC)
Timing of the speech-evoked auditory brainstem response is dependent on cochlear spectral processing tba
Wednesday 7 May 4pm 118 Harvey Dillon (Director, National Acoustic Laboratories; Australia) Central auditory processing disorders (CAPD): diagnosis and remediation abstract
Wednesday 14 May 4pm 118
Briony Banks (Universty of Manchester)
Eye gaze during perceptual adaptation of audiovisual speech abstract
Monday 19 May 4pm 118 Gusztáv Lőcsei (Technical University of Denmark) Masking release and lateralization in complex multi-talker scenarios abstract
Fall Term 2014    
tba Maria Chait (Ear Institute)
tba Outi Tuomainen(SHAPS) tba tba
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