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Yasuaki Shinohara

Research Student


Principal Supervisor: Paul Iverson

Subsidary Supervisor: Valerie Hazan


Research Interests

My research interests are in cross-language speech perception and production, and second language (L2) speech learning. For my MA research project, I explored how perceptual categorisation depends on the speaker’s native language. Recently, I have become interested in L2 speech learning and training to find out about the best technique for acquiring L2 speech sounds.

It is well known that the younger the age at which people learn a second language, the more accurate their L2 speech perception and production may be, due to brain plasticity. However, this assumption does not take into account other factors such as differences in the quality and quantity of L2 input between adults and children, and L1 interference. In my PhD research project, I am investigating the effect of these factors on L2 speech learning, and exploring the most effective L2 speech training methods and procedures.


MA in Phonetics at University College London, UK. Shinohara, Y. (2009). A Cross-Language Study of Glottal Stop Perception.

BA in English Language and Literature at Waseda University, Japan. Shinohara, Y. (2007). A Teaching Method of English Intonations for Japanese Learners of English.


Shinohara, Y., Huckvale, M., & Ashby, M. (2011). DIFFERENCES IN GLOTTAL STOP PERCEPTION BETWEEN ENGLISH AND JAPANESE LISTENERS. In W. S. Lee, & E. Zee (Eds.), Proceedings of the 17th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (pp.1830-1833).


Shinohara, Y., & Iverson., P. (2012). Effects of Identification and Discrimination Training Techniques on English /r/ - /l/ Perception and Production for Japanese Speakers. Paper presented at Bilingual and Multilingual Interaction, Bangor, UK.

Shinohara, Y., & Iverson., P. (2012). Perceptual training for English /r/-/l/ for adult Japanese listeners. British Association of Academic Phoneticians (BAAP) 2012 Colloquium, Leeds, UK, 54.

Shinohara., Y. (2010). A Cross-Language Study of Glottal Stop Perception. British Association of Academic Phoneticians (BAAP) 2010 Colloquium, London, UK, 31.

Teaching Experience/Responsibilities

Laboratory Demonstrator for SPSC2003: Acoustics of Speech and Hearing at University College London, UK (2011/12).

English teacher at Tomioka Higashi High School, Japan (Apr-Aug, 2010).

Teacher at Miyama High School for mentally challenged students, Japan (Jan-Mar, 2010).