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Tim Schoof

Research Student


Principal Supervisor: Stuart Rosen

Subsidary Supervisor: Ifat Yasin

Tim Schoof

Research Interests

My PhD project examines the effects of ageing and hearing impairment on speech perception in noise. A common complaint among older adults, whether hearing impaired or not, is that they experience increased difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments. The goal of my PhD project is to understand to what extent difficulties in perceiving speech in the presence of background noise can arise from deficits in auditory encoding at the first neural stages of the auditory pathway. This question is addressed by measuring auditory brainstem responses to speech sounds in quiet and in noise.

More generally, my research interests are speech perception in noise, ageing, hearing impairment, speech perception using cochlear implants, auditory neuroscience, auditory processing, and cognitive hearing science.

I previously completed a BA in English Language and Literature at the University of Groningen. I also hold an MA Linguistics from Utrecht University and an MRes Speech Language and Cognition from UCL.

My PhD project is funded by Action on Hearing Loss and Age Uk.


Schoof, T. (2011). Brainstem encoding of voiced stop consonants in quiet and in noise. MRes Thesis,UCL, UK.

Schoof, T. (2010). The perception of speech in noise with bilateral and bimodal hearing devices. MA Thesis, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

Schoof, T. (2007). The acquisition of gender differences in voice onset time for Dutch learners of English. BA Thesis, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.


Schoof, T., Green, T., Faulkner, A., and Rosen, S. (2013). Advantages from bilateral hearing in speech perception in noise with simulated cochlear implants and residual acoustic hearing. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 133(2), 1017 – 1030.


Schoof, T., and Rosen, S. The role of subcortical encoding in accounting for speech perception in steady-state and amplitude-modulated noise (poster). ARO MidWinter Meeting 2013, Baltimore.

Teaching Experience/Responsibilities


HCSCGH04: MSc Research Design & Statistics (Teaching Assistant)

AUDL2003: Speech Sciences: Phonetics, Acoustics and Speech Perception (Lecture ‘Acoustic cues to speech perception’ and ‘Visual cues to speech perception’)


AUDL2003: Speech Sciences: Phonetics, Acoustics and Speech Perception (Teaching Assistant, Lecture ‘Perception and production in deaf children’)