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Dong Jin Shin

Research Student


Principal Supervisor: Paul Iverson

Subsidary Supervisor: Yi Xu


Research Interests

I am interested in speech production and perception and second language acquisition of Korean Learners of English. I am currently investigating individual differences in vowel epenthesis among Korean Learners of English. The aims of the research are to investigate individual differences in vowel epenthesis among Korean Learners of English by training English learners to improve the production and perception ability. The first study investigated individual differences in vowel epenthesis among Korean L2 speakers of English, and its relationship to other measures of segmental and suprasegmental processing. The second study investigated whether training vowel identification and stress pattern recognition ability will affect to vowel epenthesis.


Msc by research in Applied Linguistics

An Experimental Study of Age Group Variation in the use of Distinctive Vowel Duration in Korean - The University of Edinburgh, 2008


Shin, D. J., Iverson, P. (2011). Individual Differences in Vowel Epenthesis among Korean Learners of English. Proceedings of the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. ( pp.1822-1825).


British Association of Academic Phoneticians (BAAP) , University of Leeds, England, U.K - Individual differences in vowel epenthesis among Korean L2 speakers: A training study

Bilingual & Multilingual Interaction conference, Bangor University, Bangor,Wales, U.K

Teaching Experience/Responsibilities

Student Academic Representatives(STAR) among PhD students of Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences, University College London.