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Divisional Subject Pool

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Green Issues

The Division has won the Silver Award for the UCL Green Impact scheme

CPD@PaLS Courses

The Division runs Continuing Professional Development courses.

Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences

Resources and Tools in Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences

Web Tutorials

Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences staff have been involved in a number of funded projects concerned with education in Phonetics and Speech Communication. These projects and other work have led to some teaching materials that are accessible over the web. Topics include Phonetics; Hearing; Maths for Speech and Hearing Science; computer programming; digital signal processing.

Phonetic Symbols Advice

Advice on the use of phonetic symbols in computing applications, including downloadable keyboard layouts, fonts and more.


We offer a variety of software for analysing sounds and signals, displaying waveforms and spectra, synchronising display and audio, storing and analysing speech data, and much more.

Speech Audio

Advice on equipment for making speech recordings, putting sound on web pages, or working with sound on your computer.

The department has been involved building a number of language resources. These include the UCL speaker variability database, the SCRIBE corpus of spoken British English, and the EUROM corpus of eight European languages.