Contents of UCLWPL 6 (1994)

Edited by John Harris
Michael Brody

Phrase structure and dependence

Annabel Cormack & Richard Breheny

Projections for functional categories

Annabel Cormack & Neil Smith Serial verbs
Richard Hudson Discontinous phrases in dependency grammar
Richard Hudson, and Rosta & Nikolas Gisborne Learnability and LIKELY/PROBABLE
Hans van de Koot On the status of the Projection Principle in the Minimalist Program
Christian Kreps Another look at Small Clauses
Ana Maria Madeira On the Portuguese inflected infinitive
M Rita Manzini Syntactic dependencies and their properties: a note on strong island
And Rosta Dependency and grammatical relations
Anna Roussou Subjunctive complements in Modern Greek: a preliminary account.
George J Xydopoulos Adverbial NPs in Modern Greek
Robyn Carston

Metalinguistic negation and echoic use

Mary Lou Grimberg On Nunberg on indexicality and deixis
Reiko Itani A relevance-based analysis of hearsay particles: Japanese utterance-final tte
Tomoko Matsui Bridging reference and style
Harry van der Hulst

Radical CV Phonology: the locational gesture

Toyomi Takahashi

Constraint interaction in Aranda stress

John Harris

Monovalency and opacity: Chichewa height harmony