Contents of UCLWPL 24 (2012)

Edited by Zoe Belk, Harris Constantinou and Maria Varkanitsa

Semantics and Pragmatics
Matthew Gotham
Numeric quantification in copredication.
Nathan Klinedinst
Intensionality and the Progressive.
Patricia Kolaiti and Deirdre Wilson
Corpus Analysis and Lexical Pragmatics: An Overview.
Luisa Martí and Klaus Abels Propositions or Choice Functions: What do Quantifiers Quantify Over?
Isabelle Needham-Didsbury
The Use of Figurative Language in Psychotherapy.
Daniel Rothschild
Worrying about Trivial Questions.
Zarinah Agnew, Hans Van de Koot, Carolyn McGettigan and Sophie Scott
Is Syntactic Movement a Unitary Operation?
Evidence from Neuroimaging.

Natalia Cichosz
High Datives in Polish.
Harris Constaninou
How Information Structure Constrains the Distribution of Intensifiers (and other categories).
Stephanie Kenyon Johnson
Brand Name Adaptation in Brazilian Portuguese and Mandarin.
Kevin Tang
A 61 Million Word Corpus of Brazilian Portuguese Film Subtitles as a Resource fo Linguistic Research.