Contents of UCLWPL 22 (2010)

Edited by Ye Tian & Beata Zacharska
Semantics and Pragmatics
Felicity Deamer, Nausicaa Pouscoulous and Richard Breheny A contrastive look at metaphor and hyperbole
Ingrid Lossius Falkum Systematic polysemy and the count-mass distinction
Deirdre Wilson Parallels and differences in the treatment of metaphor in relevance theory and cognitive linguistics
Beata Zacharska Definite descriptions: Semantic or pragmatic polysemy?
Language Acquisition
Neil Parr and Richard Breheny For want of a VP: a study in semantic bootstrapping
Ad Neeleman and Hans Van De Koot
The Linguistic Expression of Causation
Mariam Almihmadi Exploring the phonetics of neutralisation with phonology in mind