Contents of UCLWPL 21 (2009)

Edited by Kate Scott & Beata Zacharska
Semantics and Pragmatics
Nicholas Allott and Hiroyuki Uchida
Natural language indicative conditionals are classical
Robyn Carston
Relevance theory: contextualism or pragmaticism?
Ingrid Lossius Falkum
A pragmatic solution to the polysemy paradox
Thiago N Galery
Object individuation and identity in cognition
Alison Hall
‘Free’ enrichment and the nature of pragmatic constraints
Josie O'Donoghue
Is a metaphor (like) a simile? Differences in meaning, effects and processing
Kate Scott
A procedural analysis of 'this' and 'that'
Deirdre Wilson
Irony and metarepresentation
Language Acquisition
Neil Parr
Early verbs: a case of pragmatic bootstrapping?
Ad Neeleman and Hans Van De Koot
Scope Inversion
Sam Steddy and Vieri Samek-Lodovici
On the ungrammaticality of Remnant movement in the derivation of Greenberg's Universal 20
Reiko Vermeulen
On the syntactic typology of topic marking: a comparative study of Japanese and Korean

A full pdf version of the UCLWPL21 will be available for download soon.