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Contents of UCLWPL 17 (2005)

Edited by Mary Pearce and Nina Topintzi

Language Aquisition
Kate Scott
Child null subjects
Marco Tamburelli
The importance of paradigm formation in bilingual acquisition: Evidence from talian
Mary Pearce Kera tone and voicing
Nina Topintzi Putting 'commas' at the right place: A note on crucial non-ranking in OT
Annabel Cormack and Neil Smith Linearisation: adjuncts and arguments
Vikki Janke Control without a subject
Reiko Vermeulen

External possession in Korean

Semantics and Pragmatics
Nicholas Allott Paul Grice, reasoning and pragmatics
Richard Breheny
A New Look at the Semantics and Pragmatics of Numeral Expressions
Robyn Carston A Note on Pragmatic Principles of Least Effort
Robyn Carston and George Powell Relevance Theory - New Directions and Developments
Richard Horsey The content of logical concepts
Patricia Kolaiti Pragmatics and the phantasm called text: A relevance-theoretic approach to cohesion
Dan Sperber and Deirdre Wilson Pragmatics
Rosa Elena Vega Moreno Idioms, transparency and pragmatic inference
Deirdre Wilson and Tim Wharton Relevance and Prosody