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Contents of UCLWPL 11 (1999)

Edited by Corinne Iten and Ad Neeleman
Semantics and Pragmatics
Robyn Carston & Blakemore
The pragmatics of and-conjunctions: The non-narrative cases
Robyn Carston
The relationship between generative grammar and (relevance-theoretic) pragmatics
Corinne Iten
The relevance of Argumentation Theory
Milena Nuti
On interpreting 'folk psychology'
George Powell
The referential-attributive distinction - a cognitive account
Deirdre Wilson
Metarepresentation in linguistic communication
John Harris
Release the captive coda: the foot as a domain of phonetic interpretation
Phil Harrison
Phon-something: a clarification
Kuniya Nasukawa
Prenasalisation and melodic complexity
Brian, Hok-Shing, Chan
Classifiers, demonstratives and classifier-to-demonstrative movement
Annabel Cormack & Neil Smith
Why are depictives different from resultatives
Eva Eppler
Word order in German-English mixed discourse
So Hiranuma
Syntactic difficulty in English and Japanese: A textual study
Jasper Holmes
The syntax and semantics of causative verbs
Richard Hudson & Jasper Holmes
Re-cycling in the encyclopedia
Hue-Kyung Kang
Quantifier spreading by English and Korean Children
M. Rita Manzini & Anna Roussou
A minimalist theory of A-movement and Control
Eric Mathieu
WH in situ and intervention effects
Ad Neeleman & Hans van de Koot
The configurational matrix
Fuyo Osawa
The relation between Tense and Aspect: The emergence of the T-system
Kriszta Szendrői
A stress-driven approach to the syntax of focus