Information for Prospective Research Students

Our department provides the ideal environment for research students. You will have the opportunity for daily interaction with fellow students and academics in your field, and will be supervised by staff engaged in world-class research. We offer advanced courses in theoretical linguistics (including access to advanced training through ACTL) alongside training in research methods and skills (through UCL's Graduate School). You will also take part in specialized reading groups, and in seminar series and workshops within the Department.

If you are interested in working with one of us, then you should in the first instance make contact with a relevant member of staff via email. This will give you and us an opportunity to work out if there is a good match between your research interest and ours, before you go through the formal application process.

UCL is a member of the London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP), which receives funding from the Arts and Humanities Research council (AHRC) to support a small number of PhD students (providing them with a scholarship that covers fees and maintenance for three years full-time). Linguistics falls within the remit of the LAHP, so we will submit the best PhD applications we receive to this competition. It must be emphasised that there are few of these scholarships and they are awarded across all disciplines in the arts and humanities, so competition is very fierce.

If you are interested, you should submit an online application for admission to the UCL Linguistics PhD programme by 17th January 2014 for entry in September 2014. Applications must be complete with references, so please allow time for references to be completed and submitted. Please indicate on your application that you wish to be considered for an AHRC scholarship and that you have checked that you are eligible. In order to ensure your eligibility, please consult the document on AHRC student funding at the following website (see p. 60 and Annex A on p.92):

Further information on how to apply

Should you have further queries about a research degree in Linguistics, please contact Richard Jardine.