Corpus Analysis

Overview of AHRC project corpus work

Corpus analysis and lexical pragmatics: An overview (September 2005).
Corpus analysis: A three-month synopsis (February 2005)

Corpus analyses linked to project research questions

1. Can lexical narrowing be analysed in terms of default rules?
Part 1: 'red eyes'
2. Is there a continuum between literal use, approximation, hyperbole and metaphor?
Part 1: 'painless' Part 5: 'angel'
Part 2: 'boiling' Part 6: 'saint'
Part 3: 'raw' Part 7: 'bulldozer'
Part 4: 'bald'    
3. Do narrowing and broadening combine in the interpretation of a single word?
Part 1: 'empty' Part 4: 'bare'
Part 2: 'dry' Part 5: 'as cold as' (Bank of English)
Part 3: 'full' Part 6: 'as cold as' (BNC)
4. Can metonymy be analysed in inferential terms?
Metonymy: summary of the issues, Part 1
Metonymy: summary of the issues, Part 2
Metonymy: summary of the issues, Final additions
Metonymy corpus search 1: General (Bank of English)
Metonymy corpus search 2: Place and organisation names (BNC)
Metonymy corpus search 3: Musical Instruments (BNC)
OED entries
'raw' 'boil'
'empty' 'angel'
'full' 'saint'
CORPUS.BYU.EDU/BNC (British National Corpus)
100+ million word corpus of American English, 1920s-2000s 
350+ million word BYU American National Corpus (BANC),1990-2007 (available late ‘07)
Other large online corpora created by Mark Davies, BYU
Bibliography on Corpus studies
Delegates’ suggestions on corpus work
Bibliography P. Hanks

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