Linguistics - Database of London's Languages


UCL Database of London's Languages


A way for researchers to access native speakers of the many languages spoken in and around London.We can provide native speakers of over 100 languages at present, and we are continuning to recruit informants to add to this list.

Using the Database

Affiliation to an academic institution

You must be affiliated to an academic institution. To verify this, we only accept email addresses ending in ''. If you do not have an academic email address you will need to contact us to provide alternative proof of your academic affiliation.

Non-commercial use of data

Informants' data is to be stored and accessed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The data is to be used for academic purposes only and must not be given or sold to third parties.

Payment to informants

You are responsible for arranging with the informant when and where the research takes place and payment for this. It is our policy that you pay informants a minimum of £10 per hour for their time once they have assisted.


You are required to provide informants with a brief description of the outcome of your research. We will also contact you to ask for feedback on the informant.


 To register and use the database

  1. Use the search function to see if we have native speakers of the language you require.
  2. Please complete and return a User Registration and Language Request Form