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Staff profile: Prof Ad Neeleman

I’ve been at UCL for a long time – it was 15 years in September 2012. I came here after having done my PhD and a post-doc at Utrecht University, thinking it would be for a few years. But the department proved a very stimulating working environment - in terms of both teaching and research – and I’ve never considered leaving.

I’ve worked on a number of topics in syntax, most recently person agreement (with Peter Ackema, Edinburgh), word order universals (with Klaus Abels, UCL), and the expression of notions like topic and focus in syntax (with Hans van de Koot, UCL). Almost all my research projects are cooperative, which is fun. I learn a lot from working with others and it often leads to better results, I think.

Staff profile: Professor Andrew Nevins
I joined UCL Linguistics in 2010, and I find it continuously rewarding to work with everyone around me, whether it’s lecturing to the eager batch of first-year students learning phonology for the first time, mentoring my own doctoral students, or collaborating colleagues in both my own department and in adjacent departments such as Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences. I’m very happy to be part of the thriving research environment into the language sciences in London, and more broadly, within Europe, as my research crucially depends on interacting with living speakers of typologically broad languages of exactly the kind one hears on the Tube every day.
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