Ye Tian

Research Student


Principal Supervisor: Richard Breheny

Subsidary Supervisor: Andrew Nevins


I completed my PhD in linguistics at UCL under the supervision of Dr. Richard Breheny. Currently I am a post-doctoral researcher ( at Université Paris Diderot, working with Prof. Jonathan Ginzburg


Tian, Y. (2014). Ph.D. in Linguistics, UCL. Thesis: “Negation Processing: A Dynamic Pragmatic Account”. Supervision: Richard Breheny. Committee: Ira Novek and Napoleon Katsos.

Tian, Y. (2008). MA in Linguistics, UCL. Dissertation: “Not all”: we don’t have a word for it!


Best student oral presentation at AMLaP (Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing) conference 2013.

Research Grants

Euro-XPrag Collaborative research in Experimental Pragmatics – travel grant for short visits (with Richard Breheny, UCL and Bob van Tiel, Radboud University Nijmegen). Local exhaustification: evaluating competing accounts in an act-out paradigm (2012 – 2013).


Tian,Y., Breheny, R. (forthcoming). Negation processing - a dynamic pragmatic view. Negation and polarity: Cognitive and experimental perspectives, Springer.

Tian,Y., Breheny, R., & Ferguson, H. (2010). Why we simulate negated information: a dynamic pragmatic account. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 63, 2305 – 2312.

Presentations (Conferences)
Sept 2013 XPrag (Experimental Pragmatics) Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands. Oral and poster presentation.
Sept 2013 AMLaP (Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing) Conference, Marseille, France. Oral presentation.
July 2013 ICL (The International Congress of Linguists), Geneva, Switzerland. Poster presentation.
March 2013 CUNY 2013 Conference on Human Language Processing, Columbia, USA. Poster presentation.
August 2012 Embodied and Situated Language Processing 2012, New Castle, UK. Poster presentation.
May 2012 Invited talk at Department of Philosophy, Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
March 2012 Psycholinguistics in the Southeast. London, UK: Oral presentation.
Sept 2010 AMLaP (Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing) Conference. York, UK: Poster presentation.
Mar 2010 Psycholinguistics in the Southeast. London, UK: Poster presentation.
Teaching Experience/Responsibilities
2012 - 2014

Visiting Lecturer, UCL

“Statistics for linguistics” for MA and MRes students.

“Introduction to language – skills component” to BA linguistics students (2011 – 2012)

2010 - 2014

Visiting Lecturer, Middlesex University

“Language and psychology” for BA English language.

“Studying English language” and “Communication techniques” for BA English language.

2011 – 2014

Teaching Assistant, UCL

“Logic and meaning A & B”, “Introduction to language”, and “Foundations in linguistics”.

2011 – 2014

Writing and Learning Mentor, UCL

Organize workshops on academic writing and learning development.

2010 -2011 Assistant Editor of UCL Linguistics Working Paper