Matthew Gotham

Research Student


Principal Supervisor: Nathan Klinedinst

Subsidary Supervisor: Robyn Carston

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Research Interests

I am working on the problem of copredication: the apparent attribution of incompatible properties to a single object. For instance, in using the sentence ‘The lunch was delicious but went on for hours’, a speaker apparently attributes the property of being delicious (which only applies to food) and the property of going on for hours (which only applies to events), to a single object. But surely nothing is both food and an event.

My research is addressed towards answering two main questions. Firstly: what is going on in these sentences? Secondly: what does this tell us about the form that a semantic theory should take? I am particularly interested in the properties of quantified copredication sentences involving distinct criteria of individuation (e.g., one lunch event may involve more than one lunch meal), and in the pragmatic and discourse factors that influence the acceptability of copredication sentences.


Gotham, M. (2009) The problem of polysemy and the question of underspecification in the lexicon: what is the connection?, MA Linguistics Dissertation, University College London.


Gotham, M. (2012) Numeric Quantification in Copredication, UCL Working Papers in Linguistics 24:1-20.

Teaching Experience/Responsibilities

Course Lecturer, PLIN1002/PLING103 Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics B, Spring Term 2013 (UCL).

Teaching Assistant, PLING103 Semantics and Pragmatics, Spring Term 2012 (UCL).

Teaching Assistant, PLIN1002 Logic and Meaning B, Spring Term 2011 (UCL).