Felicity Deamer

Research Student

Email: f.deamer@ucl.ac.uk

Principal Supervisor: Nausicaa Pouscoulous

Subsidary Supervisor: Richard Breheny


Research Interests

I am experimentally investigating the comprehension procedures involved in arriving at novel metaphoric and hyperbolic interpretations. My research is centred on several key questions:

What processes and mechanisms are involved in arriving at metaphoric and hyperbolic interpretations? What factors affect our ability to derive such figurative interpretations, and the speed at which we can derive them? Are metaphoric interpretations just a further broadening of the encoded meaning than hyperbolic interpretations, or is there something unique about metaphor due to the comprehension processes involved and/or the interpretation arrived at?

In an attempt to answer these questions, I am carrying out a series of on-line and developmental experiments, aimed at testing the processing predictions of several current psychological and pragmatic accounts of figurative language.


UCL MRes Speech, Language and cognition 2009 – Figurative language comprehension: Concept construction or concept selection? An experimental study with children


F.Deamer, N. Pouscoulous, and R. Breheny. (2010). A contrastive look at metaphor and hyperbole. UCL Working Papers in Linguistics (22).


Workshop on processing and appreciating creative figurative language (talk) - Heidelberg, May 2011.

4th Biennial Experimental Pragmatics Conference (poster)- Barcelona, June 2011.

Royal institute of Philosophy workshop: Irony and other figurative uses (talk) - Birmingham, June 2011.

PsyLingSE workshop (talk) - London, March 2012

Teaching Experience/Responsibilities

Teaching assistant- ‘Introduction to Language’ course at UCL- October 2010-December 2010.

Teaching assistant- ‘Pragmatic theory’ course at UCL- October 2011- December 2011.

Teaching assistant- ‘Logic and meaning A’ course at UCL – October 2011- December 2011.