Diana Mazzarella

Research Student

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Supervisor: Robyn Carston
Subsidary Supervisor:
Paula Rubio-Fernandez

Diana Mazzarella

Research Interests

Philosophy of language, theoretical and experimental pragmatics, the architecture of pragmatic processing, theory of mind and metarepresentation, figurative uses of language.

Research Projects


Mazzarella, D., 2011. Contenuto Semantico. Costituenti inarticolati e sottoderminazione semantica (Semantic content. Unarticulated constituents and semantic underdetermination). Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Filosofiche, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy.

Mazzarella, D., 2009. Zebre e muli dipinti. Il problema delle scetticismo e le condizioni di chiusura della conoscenza (Zebras and Painted Mules. The Skeptical Problem and the Epistemic Closure Principle). Laurea Triennale in Filosofia, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy.



`Optimal relevance' as a pragmatic criterion: the role of epistemic vigilance. UCL Working Papers in Linguistics, Vol. 25, pp. 20-45.

Associative and inferential approaches to pragmatics: The state of the art of experimental investigation. Methode – Analytic Perspectives, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 172 – 194 (Special Issue on ‘New Perspectives for the Philosophy of Cognitive Science’)


Accessibility and Relevance: a fork in the road. UCL Working Papers in Linguistics, Vol.23, pp. 11-20.

Presentations (invited*, referred**)


Mazzarella, D., Politeness, relevance and scalar inferences, 6th Intercultural Pragmatics Conference, Malta, May 2014. [**]

Mazzarella,D., Pragmatics and Epistemic Vigilance, Beyond Words 2 - New Developments in Pragmatics, Leipzig, Germany, May 2014.[**]


Mazzarella, D., ‘Optimal relevance’ as a pragmatic criterion: The role of epistemic vigilance, 3rd SIFA Graduate Conference “Language, Logic and Mind”, Cagliari, Italy, September 2013. [**]

Mazzarella, D., Do we need inferences in pragmatics? Challenges from a unified associative account of pragmatic processes, 4th International Conference on Utterance Interpretation and Cognitive Models, Brussels, Belgium, September 2013. [**]

Mazzarella, D., ‘Optimal relevance’ as a pragmatic criterion: The role of epistemic vigilance, UCL Linguistics PhD Day, London, UK, May 2013. [*]


Mazzarella, D., On-line pragmatic processing: associative vs. inferential approaches, 1st Genoa Workshop on Cognitive Linguistics, Genoa, Italy, December 2012. [*]

Mazzarella, D., Where accessibility-based approaches to pragmatics fall short, Arché/CSMN Graduate Conference, Oslo, Norway, November 2012. [**]

Mazzarella, D., Associative vs. Inferential Approaches to Pragmatics, 6th Interpreting for Relevance: Discourse and Translation, Warsaw, Poland, September 2012.  [**]

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching assistant - ‘Topics in Semantics and Pragmatics’ course at UCL- January 2014 - March 2014.
  • Teaching assistant - ‘Pragmatics and Cognition’ course at UCL- January 2013 - March 2013.
  • Teaching assistant - ‘Pragmatic Theory’ course at UCL- October 2012-December 2012.