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Dr Paula Rubio Fernández

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Telephone: Email only


Research Interests

Theoretical and experimental pragmatics, psycholinguistics, social cognition and communication, figurative language, word processing.

Research Projects

  • Inferential Processes in Literal and Figurative Lexical Interpretation. (Principal investigator Robyn Carston) - Marie Curie Foundation funding. 2006-2010



Rubio-Fernández, P. (forthcoming), Associative and inferential processes in pragmatic enrichment: The case of emergent properties. Language and Cognitive Processes.

Rubio-Fernández, P. and Glucksberg, S. (forthcoming), Reasoning about other people’s beliefs: Bilinguals have an advantage. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition.


‘Concept narrowing: The role of context-independent information in concepts’. Journal of Semantics, 25(4):381-409.


‘Suppression in metaphor interpretation: Differences between meaning selection and meaning construction’. Journal of Semantics (Special Issue on Processing Meaning), 24(4):345-371. Also forthcoming in Metaphor and Figurative Language: Critical Concepts in Linguistics, edited by Patrick Hanks and Rachel Giora (Routledge, 2011).