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Dr Nino Grillo

Honorary Research Associate

FCSH-CLUNL-Universidade Nova de Lisboa



Nino Grillo

Research Interests

Processing and representation of syntax, event structure and the availability of passivization in the nominal and verbal domain, attachment preferences and universality of parsing principles, language acquisition and breakdown.


BlackBox LingLab


* indicates joint first authorship

Grillo, Nino & João Costa (under review) A novel argument for the universality of parsing principles. Undergoing second round of review,  Cognition.

João Costa, Stefanie Vaz, Bruno Fernandes and Nino Grillo. (under review). The acquisition of Prepositional Infinitive Constructions in European Portuguese. Probus.

Grillo, Nino (2012). Local and Universal. In Bianchi V. and C. Chesi (eds.) Enjoy Linguistics. Papers offered to Luigi Rizzi on the occasion of his  60th birthday, pp. 234-245. CISCL Press, ISBN: 9788890794308. 

*Costa, João, Nino Grillo & Maria Lobo (2012) Minimality beyond lexical restriction: Processing and acquisition of headed and free   wh-dependencies in European Portuguese. Revue Roumaine de Linguistique LVII, 2, 143-160.

N. Grillo (2009). Generalized Minimality: Feature impoverishment and comprehension deficits in agrammatism. Lingua 119, 1426–1443. 

*Gehrke B and N. Grillo (2009). How to become passive. In Exploration of Phase Theory: features, arguments, and interpretation at the Interfaces, ed. K. Grohmann. Berlin: De Gruyter 231-268. 

Grillo N. (2008) Generalized Minimality: Syntactic Underspecification in Broca's aphasia. LOT series 186, Utrecht.

*Garraffa M. and N. Grillo (2008). Canonicity effects in aphasia as grammatical phenomena. Journal of Neurolinguistics 21:177-197.

*Gehrke B. and N. Grillo (2006). Aspects on Passives. In Blaho, S., E. Schoorlemmer, and L. Vicente, (eds.) Proceedings of ConSOLE XIV. pp. 121-141. 

Grillo N. (2005). Minimality effects in agrammatic comprehension. In Blaho, S., E. Schoorlemmer, and L. Vicente, (eds.) Proceedings of ConSOLE XIII, pp. 107-120.