Matthew Reeve

Teaching Fellow

Location: Room 111, Chandler House, 2 Wakefield Street, London WC1N 1PF



Research Interests

Syntactic theory; the syntax of clefts and other copular sentences; the relation between syntax and information structure; rightward 'movement' phenomena;the syntax of Russian; ellipsis phenomena (especially gapping); binding theory (especially Condition C).

Taught Courses



Reeve, M. & G. Hicks (under review). Two types of adjunct extraposition.

Reeve, M. (to appear). Review of Jae Jung Song, Word Order. Linguist List.

Reeve, M. (to appear). Against FP analyses of clefts. In: A. Neeleman and R. Vermeulen (eds.), A Flexible Theory of Topic and Focus.

Reeve, M. (to appear). The cleft pronoun and cleft clause in English. In: A. Haida, K. Hartmann and T. Veenstra (eds.), The Structure of Clefts. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.


Reeve, M. (2012). Review of Paul M. Postal, Edge-Based Clausal Syntax. Linguist List 23.3084.

Reeve, M. (2012). Clefts and their Relatives. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.


Reeve, M. (2011). The syntactic structure of English clefts. Lingua 121, 142-171.


Reeve, M. (2010). Clefts. PhD thesis, UCL.


Reeve, M. (2008). A ‘pseudo-biclausal’ analysis of Slavonic clefts. UCL Working Papers in Linguistics 20, 63-85.


Reeve, M. (2007). Relatives and pronouns in the English cleft construction. UCL Working Papers in Linguistics 19, 157-182


Reeve, M. (2005). Editor (with E. Daskalaki, N. Katsos and M. Mavrogiorgos) of CamLing 2004: Proceedings of the University of Cambridge, Second Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge Institute of Language Research.