Dr Luisa Marti

Honorary Research Fellow

Telephone: + 00 44 (0) 20 7679 4048 (x24048)
Email: l.marti@ucl.ac.uk


Research Interests

formal semantics and formal pragmatics of natural languages, grammar-pragmatics interface, syntax-semantics interface, experimental semantics and pragmatics, cross-linguistic comparison, philosophy of language, context sensitivity, quantification, scope, null arguments, indefinites, information structure, focus



(in press) A Unified Approach to Split Scope (wih Klaus Abels), Natural Language Semantics, doi: 10.1007/s11050-010-9060-8

(2009) Contextual Restrictions on Indefinites: Spanish algunos and unos, in A. Giannakidou and M. Rathert (eds.) Quantification, Definiteness and Nominalization, Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics 22, Oxford University Press, 108-132

(2008) The Semantics of Plural Indefinites in Spanish and Portuguese, Natural Language Semantics, 16, 1, 1-37

(2007) Restoring Indefinites to Normalcy: an Experimental Study on the Scope of Spanish algunos, Journal of Semantics, 24, 1, 1-25

(2006) Unarticulated Constituents Revisited, Linguistics and Philosophy, 29, 2, 135-166