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Dr Hans van de Koot

Reader in Linguistics

Location:Room 115f, Chandler House,
2 Wakefield Street, London WC1N 1PF
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 679 4049 (x24049)


Research Interests

Syntactic theory, especially the development of a syntactic theory that explains the core properties of grammatical dependencies; the relation of this theory to syntax-external systems; the computational complexity of language recognition problems.



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    • van de Koot, H., Neeleman, A. (2012). Towards a Unified Encoding of Contrast and Scope. In Neeleman, A., Vermeulen, R. (Eds.). The Syntax of Topic, Focus and Contrast: An Interface-Based Approach ( ). Mouton. [Accepted]


    • Neeleman, A., van de Koot, H. (2010). A Local Encoding of Syntactic Dependencies and Its Consequences for the Theory of Movement. Syntax 13(4), 331-372 doi:10.1111/j.1467-9612.2010.00143.x. Author URL
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    • Neeleman, A., Titov, E., van de Koot, H., Vermeulen, R. (2009). A syntactic typology of topic, focus and contrast. In Van Craenenbroeck, J. (Ed.). Alternatives to Cartography ( pp.15-52). Berlin Mouton de Gruyter.
    • Neeleman, A., van de Koot, H. (2009). Scope Inversion (under submission). Author URL
    • van de Koot, H. (2009). A'-Scrambling: Wat Markeert Het? Nederlandse Taalkunde 14(3), 313-334 Assen Publisher URL


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    • van de Koot, H. (1990). An Essay on Grammar-Parser Relations. Dordrecht Mouton de Gruyter.

Current PhD Students

Maria Varkanitsa

Processing of syntactic dependencies in Broca’s aphasia: The role of predictability

Harris Constantinou

Intensifiers: Meaning and Distribution

Completed PhD Students

Elena Titov Information Structure of Order Alternations
Nikolaos Velegrakis The Syntax of Greek Polydefinites
Marco Tamburelli The Role of Lexical Acquisition in Simultaneous Bilingualism
Hitoshi Shiraki Economy and the Distribution of Reflexives
Eric Mathieu The Syntax of Non-Canonical Quantification: A Comparative Study
Jonathan White An Inquiry into Minimalist Phrase Structure