Dr Mikako Sato

Honorary Research Associate

Email: mikako.sato@ucl.ac.uk


Research Interests

Psycholinguistics (L1/L2 development and processing; automaticity of the sentence processing routines; processing of structural dependencies; the mental lexicon); Language acquisition, especially in relation to conceptualisation, categorisation and the interface between language and perception; Bilingualism.

Current research project


  • PhD (Essex): Sensitivity to syntactic and semantic information in second language sentence processing (Supervisor: Dr Claudia Felser).
  • MA (UCL): Colours: Why do children have difficulty acquiring colour terms? (Supervisor: Prof. Neil V. Smith).


Sato, M. & C. Felser (2010). Sensitivity to morphosyntactic violations in English as a second language. Second Language, 9, 101-118.

Clahsen, H., Felser, C., Neubauer, K., Sato, M. & R. Silva (2010). Morphological structure in native and non-native language comprehension. Language Learning, 60, 21-43.

Felser, C., Sato, M. & N. Bertenshaw (2009). The on-line application of Binding Principle A in English as a second language. Bilingualism: Language & Cognition, 12, (4), 485-502.