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I want to study for a MPhil/PhD in Language and Communication. Where do I begin?

In Language and Communication we welcome applicants who have already considered the topic areas they wish to research and have identified one or two potential supervisors with whom they would like to work. We also feel it is important that applicants come with some draft research questions and relevant background research knowledge.

We do, however, recognise that some applicants may require further advice regarding the feasibility and suitability of their own research questions.

The best place to begin is to contact a potential supervisor. This should be someone who has a clear link to the research areas and/or methods you are interested in. You should send them an informal e-mail introducing yourself and giving a very brief overview of your research interests. A dialogue can then take place that will, hopefully, result in your formal application.

If you are unsure as to who might be the most appropriate supervisor then feel free to contact Jane Maxim (Language and Communication Research Graduate Tutor).

Where do I begin?
How to develop a research proposal?
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