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Possible subject areas for PhD research

Suzanne Beeke

1. turn construction in the conversations of people with Broca's aphasia

2.self monitoring and repair in the conversations of people with Wernicke's aphasia

3. conversation-based interventions for aphasia and cognitive communication disorder

4. executive function and conversational strategy use in aphasia

5. the conversations of older people

Steven Bloch

1. conversation analysis in applied health and social care settings

2. motor speech disorders and augmentative and alternative communication use in everyday interaction/conversation: description, assessment and intervention.

3. examining interactions between health care professionals and patients

4. communication disability training in health and social care settings

Jane Maxim

1.conversation analysis intervention for people with aphasia

2. evaluating communication training for care workers

3. speech and language processing in normal and abnormal populations

Carol Sachett

1. total communication in aphasia - assessment, intervention, everyday use

2. access to information for people with aphasia

3. practice-based learning for healthcare students

 Christina Smith

1.    normal swallow physiology

2.    oropharyngeal dysphagia especially assessments and interventions in adults

3.    motor speech disorders and their rehabilitation