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Aseel Alabdulkarim

Research Student


Principal Supervisor:
Steven Bloch
Subsidary Supervisor: Jane Maxim


Research title

Investigating Relations Between Saudi Patients With Neurogenic Speech Disorders And Their Communication Partners In Measuring Communication Participation


Measuring communication participation in people with communication disorders might provide better understanding of their ability to take part in different life situations. Consequently developing a communication participation scale requires a good utilization of its defined concept. It also needs acceptable psychometric properties to ensure its usefulness. For the purpose of this research an Arabic communication participation scale (CPS) was developed for Arabic speaking patients with neurogenic speech disorders. This scale is different because it aims to capture data from patients and their communication partners using the same tool. The data was collected from 50 Saudi patients with neurodegenerative disease and their communication partners. The CPS was also tested on two control groups including a) Twenty five control participants with Neurological Disorders but without any communication disorders and b) Twenty five normal control participants with no history of Neurological disease or communication disorders. At this stage of the research the data is still under statistical analysis, therefore the final outcomes is not concluded.