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Communication Clinic

The clinic at the Department of Language and Communication is for adults who have acquired communication difficulties, usually as a result of a stroke or head injury, and who have requested continuing rehabilitation. It is open on Mondays and Thursdays (groups run during University terms only) in the purpose-built ground floor clinic suite at Chandler House and is staffed by two specialist Speech and Language Therapists. The clinic provides student placements throughout the year. Whilst on placement students work in pairs and often engage in client contact under the close supervision of the clinician.

The aims of the clinic are:

  • To offer a range of long-term treatment options to meet the needs of people with brain damage and of their carers. Our goal is to assist clients to maximise their communicative abilities and participate as fully as possible in society.
  • To train SLT students through observation and clinical practice.
  • To support and carry out research that aims to increase our understanding of language breakdown and recovery.

Therapy is provided on a one-to-one basis or in a group.

Our Philosophy encompasses:

  • Joint client-therapist-family exploration of the client's difficulties and possible solutions.
  • Offering a range of long-term treatment options at all levels of the WHO model of impairment, activity participation and wellbeing.
  • No external time contraints on the period of intervention. This often allows us to provide the time needed by people to adjust to their changed circumstances and build a new self-image.
  • Accessing the range of academic and clinical specialisms within the Department of Language and Communication on behalf of the client (e.g. computer software knowledge).
  • Maintaining a partnership approach with NHS colleagues regarding the clients they refer to us.


Clinic (answerphone) 020 7679 4239
Fiona Newman (Direct line 020 7679 4189)
Carolyn Bruce (Direct line 020 7679 4225)