Upcoming Events

Our Summer 2012 term data session will be held on Wednesday 25th July, 2-5pm (room 201 Chandler House, UCL).  Data will come from recently collected calls from the Parkinson's UK help-line.

Please contact Steven if you would like to participate.

CAIR Members and research interests

The CAIR membership is open to anyone actively involved in relevant research work. If you would like to join and have your details/links included below, then please contact Steven Bloch.

University College London

Conversation analysis of interactions involving people with communication disability, especially aphasia, the characteristics of task-based and conversational analysis-based interventions for people with aphasia.

Interaction between people with progressive neurological conditions and significant others; the use of AAC systems by adults in conversation; the application of Conversation Analysis in the study of progressive dysarthria and AAC.

Communication in children with physical disabilities and complex needs, including children who have been provided augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems. Associated with the following HCS research categories: Communication, Disorder and the Brain.

Interaction and spoken language development in deaf children; deaf and hearing children for whom English is an additional language; Conversation Analysis methodology.

Institute of Education, University of London

Co-construction of topic between children; topic and repair in classrooms; role of gaze and gesture in story-book reading; children's resources during word searches.

Communication and interaction in medical practice particularly around prescribing and medicine taking: the application of conversation analysis. 

University of East London

Roehampton University

Loughborough University

University of Kent at Canterbury

Canterbury Christchurch University

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