Upcoming Events

Our Summer 2012 term data session will be held on Wednesday 25th July, 2-5pm (room 201 Chandler House, UCL).  Data will come from recently collected calls from the Parkinson's UK help-line.

Please contact Steven if you would like to participate.


News and upcoming CA conferences

  • CAIR is delighted to welcome new links with Danish Colleagues at SoPraCon
  • CAVA (Human Communication: An Audio-Visual Archive for UCL): Award from  JISC to  Suzanne Beeke and Merle Mahon with colleagues from UCL library services and Essex University

Centre for Applied Interaction Research

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The Centre for Applied Interaction Research (CAIR) facilitates research and links between groups and individuals undertaking applied research into normal and disordered human interaction, with an emphasis on analysing video or audio-taped naturally occurring conversations that take place in health, social and education settings. CAIR brings together academics and stakeholders from a number of institutions, clinical and education settings, around the UK. CAIR members are particularly interested in the use and  application of conversation analytical methods and practices.

UCL CAIR members have a variety of research interests and are keen to support BSc, MSc and MPhil/PhD students in their CA development.

For further information about CAIR or if you wish to add news to this site please contact Steven Bloch

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