Language and Cognition Laboratory

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Language and Cognition Laboratory
Cognitive, Perceptual and Brain Sciences Research Department 
University College London
26 Bedford Way
United Kingdom

+44-(0)20-76795345 (phone)
+44-(0)20-7436 4276 (fax) 

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Gabriella organises the "How the Body Shapes the Mind" event at the 2012 Annual British Science Festival in Aberdeen. Download the poster for more information.

EPS Workshop: What if the study of Language Started from Signed rather than Spoken Language? (January 2012) here


Divisional Subject Pool

To access and sign up for the Divisional Subject Pool, follow this link.  More >>

Language and Cognition Laboratory


The Language and Cognition Laboratory investigates the cognitive and neural underpinning of human language. 

Within this broad area, our research centres around developing theoretical frameworks for how humans learn, represent and use meaning informed by computational cognitive science and neuroscience. 

More recently our research has been/is supported by funding from ESRC, Nuffield, EU and Leverhulme.

The methodologies we use include:

  • behavioural experimentation (e.g., computer based RTs, accuracy)
  • psychophysics (e.g., continuous flash suppression, CFS, in collaboration with Bahador Bahrami)
  • Eye tracking (see Language and Cognition Lab)
  • Computational Modelling (probabilistic modelling)
  • EEG (in collaboration with Leun Otten)
  • fMRI at BUCNI (in collaboration with Joe Devlin and Marty Sereno) 

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