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Tamara Oliven

Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies MSc


I chose London, not only due to the fact that it is a very cosmopolitan city, but also for its well known reputation in this area: Freud himself decided to come to London during World War II. UCL turned out not only to have the specific programme that I was looking for but also an excellent board of teachers. Psychoanalysis is not only a science and a theory, but also a technique that promotes mental health.In the future I plan to become a psychoanalyst and I am sure after I finish a whole new range of opportunities will open for me.

Hui Cao

Syntax PhD

huicao.jpg I chose UCL because of its great reputation and central London location.
It has proved a good choice. In fact, UCL Linguistics has surpassed my expectations. What I like most about the department is that its research is not confined to a single (dominant) theoretical framework giving me complete freedom to explore my interests. Moreover, because the department has academics working in a wide variety of areas, I can always get proper supervision and guidance.I also enjoy its friendly multicultural and multilingual atmosphere. The newly refurbished building provides excellent facilities and a relaxed and productive environment.

Mashael Faisal

Human Communication PhD

maschael.jpg I chose to enrol in the Research Department of Language and Communication due the vast experience of the research staff. I wasable to find the supervisors that would provide me with the support and guidance I needed to complete my PhD and be mentors during this experience.I come from a clinical background in speech language therapy. I have been working as a Speech and Language Therapist for the past five years in a tertiary care hospital. During my work experience I noticed the very limited amount of research involving adults with acquired communication disorders. This made me want to improve my knowledge in conducting scientific research and pursue a research degree in human communication disorders.

Kota Hattori

Human Communication PhD

kotahattori.jpg I wanted to study with my present supervisor as he is a world-leading expert and we share an interest in the problems involved in learning the sounds of a second language. The choice of a PhD at UCL allowed me to pursue my research interests with outstanding supervision and in an excellently equipped environment. One of the good things about London is that you meet people from many different countries. Since I am involved in language-related research, this provides very useful observations and ideas for research topics.